It’s about finding calm in the midst of uncertainty

How are you getting on with all this? I don’t know but maybe you’re finding this time difficult or maybe you’re enjoying the space. Perhaps you’re loving that you’re getting to spend more time with family, or maybe that’s whats driving you around the bend. Whatever your experience is, it certainly isn’t like anything we’ve ever been through before.
For one there is a lot less distractions. Less time commuting, less time chatting with co-workers, less time getting to and going from the gym. More time for all the things that we want to do, have been meaning to do and been wanting to get to. Online shopping?! I now find myself getting more and more excited by the arrival of the post man! Delighted that for once I’m home to receive the parcel.
And there’s more pressure to be productive, to do more, achieve more and the expectations can be piled on.
I heard about a post on twitter and it summed it up for me, it went something like this:
“Day 1: I’m writing a book, doing an online yoga session, followed by a run and then meditating for an hour every day.”
“Day 5: I’ll just pour the ice cream straight onto the pasta” It’s funny and it’s true!
There is a part of us dying to get back to the way things were, which will never be, we’re in kind of a limbo now. Waiting to see what will happen, holding our breaths as such, will we be let out? Can we go hug our parents? So what do we do in the meantime? Well I suppose that first we breathe and we check in, “How am I today, what can I do to support myself, what’s my intention for today? ” But most of all we breathe and we meet each moment as it unfolds.
How? Well here are some ways for you to stay in the moment and bring intention into your day.
* Empowering questions: Before you start your day ask yourself:
  • What is it that really matters to you today?
  • What challenges or obstacle’s might you encounter today and how do you wish to meet them and work with them today?
  • How do you choose to rise to the occasion of those challenges?
  • Who do you choose to be today – what are the values that you hold dear and how would like to express these as you move through this day?
  • What are you most grateful for in your life? (name one or two things)
* Meditation (my favourite way of course!) and here’s a free meditation for you that I recorded last year. It’s short and easy to follow and you can download it for free here.
* Permission: It’s ok if you don’t become a Yogi, or still can’t bake a cake. Take the pressure off and let yourself rest. Write yourself a permission note if you wish to just like your Mum might have done for you in the past, put it somewhere you can see. Let yourself off the hook and just do what you want to do (and it’s ok if it’s nothing!)
I saw on Instagram yesterday (Irish Tatler) and loved it:
Me: Sooo bored. Wish I had something to do
PERSON: here’s a list of resouces for free workouts, crafts, recipes, even online courses.
Me: no
* Watch: Put away the news! Feast your eyes only on what inspires you. I recently watched the short movie called Finding Joe – very interesting especially if you’re interested in the work of Joseph Campbell and The Heroes Journey. You can watch it on you tube here
Just some ideas there for you, I hope they’re helpful,
Until next time,