Celtic Wisdom: Lughnasa

Align with the wisdom of the Celtic wheel

Connect & align with the cycles and rhythms of nature that deepen your understanding of yourself.

Lean into the support, respect and non-judgement of a sacred group

Ignite your internal guidance system to navigate this different world as it unfolds in new and unknown ways.

Our ancestors lived according to the Celtic wheel, this is how they knew when to sow crops, harvest, rest, wait, dream. They marked each of the 8 turning points of the wheel with ceremonies, rituals, activities and themes. They danced at the summer festival, they celebrated at Lughnasa and they patiently waited at Samhain, resting and knowing that the spring will arrive.

Today we have a modern twist on these traditions. For example we know that winter is a time for rest and not a time for new years resolutions. We know that Summer is a time to dream big and get into action to make those dreams a reality. We use ceremonies and rituals that they used to honour the earth and to give thanks for our bounty.

These traditions have been practiced by your ancestors for 1000’s of years and by taking part in one of the many offerings there are now online, you are involved in something really special – you are ensuring that these traditions are kept alive and that the Celtic wheel times remain in peoples conversations and consciousness. Otherwise we can find ourselves caught up in the desk calendar, tied up in days & months perhaps finding that we blindly & on automatic pilot move through the year and before we know it the year is over and we can’t remember too much about what exactly happened! 

In following the Celtic wheel we stop at each of the 8 significant dates, take a breath and realign so that we can move forward in conjunction with nature and with purposeful intention. In this way you begin to co-create your life rather than passively moving through it.

Dancing at Lughnasa:

Lughnasa is synonymous with dancing, celebration and gratitude where our spirit is given to celebrating the bounty in our lives as we move out of summer towards Autumn. 

This recording of an online event is an opportunity for you to pause, reflect and realign with the messages of nature at this poignant time. And how they can be used in your life. 

You will be guided through 3 healing meditations, 2 ceremonies and how the celtic wheel is so applicable to your every day life. You will be show how to “make like Lugh” and OWN your gifts and talents and also to celebrate all your accomplishments so far this year. 

You’ll also be shown how to create healing, space clearing water. For healing, cleansing, gardening or drinking! 



We have two ceremonies to do fire and water (I will explain why on the call) so you will need:

  • Paper and pen
  • Cauldron or saucepan – ie something that you can burn your paper in safely
  • A jar with water in it.
  • You will also need your journal for the reflective piece.

Please click here to access the recording: 


Ellen Shilling

I have read, studied and practiced wellness for the past 15 years. During that time I have trained with some of the leading experts, gone on retreats all over the world and held some of my own.

I am passionate about anything that helps me to live an easier life! I have studied Life Coaching, Shamanism, Kinesiology, Meditation, Mindfulness, the Celtic Calendar, EFT, TAT and many more! 

I can honestly say that all of them has changed my life! I know that can sound very OTT at times and it wasn’t this sudden flash of light that came down and I was enlightened. Sitting lotus position, emanating love (wouldn’t that be wonderful!) No, it was over time and with patience and commitment I found that old behaviours that didn’t serve me well melted away, negative beliefs no longer held me captive and I wasn’t a victim of my emotions. 

Finally I could breathe and access a peace within I had never felt before and has stayed with me since.

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