Full moon healing circles

An afternoon of healing, meditation, reflection and connection. Live with the guidance of Grandmother moon, connect with a group of like minded souls and take time out for self care.

Full moons affect everyone, after all we are 70% water so if the moon affects the tides, well she will also affect our “tides” ie our emotions. 😜

During this in person event you will:

🧘Learn about the theme of each full moon, how its affecting your life and what you can do to harness her wisdom.
🧘 be part of a healing circle of like minded souls
🧘 be guided through a healing meditation to let go of all that no longer serves you
🧘partake in a ritual like a fire or water ceremony to release the past.

Next event Sunday 5th Feb 3pm Blackrock Village. Limited places available

You can book your place for the next full moon circle (€25), the next two (€40) or the next three (€60), all taking place in Blackrock Village, Co Dublin