Root Chakra

Did you know that each energy centre has a developmental age? For example, the Root chakra is the second trimester to 18mths. So if there were any traumas in your life or in your mother’s life at this time, your root chakra will be affected (and most people will have trauma in this chakra, after all whose mother had an easy delivery! But if that’s you, you’re very very lucky!)

​How the effects of your birth shows up in your life is different for everyone: you may experience issues with your body, feel insecure or you may find it hard to feel at home or settled anywhere. You may be afraid to try new things or go to new places; you may find it challenging to deal with fears and get out of your comfort zone. Or you may feel in a state of high alert (high stress). You may experience some or all of the above to varying degrees.

​Of course we cannot change our past but if we can bring understanding and awareness to it then we can lessen it’s impact so that when we are faced with the same situations we can use our root chakra information, healing practices and meditations to bring choice and empowerment.

In the root you will:

  • Build your foundations
  • Cultivate a feeling of being safe, and of belonging
  • Connect to your body
  • Reclaim your right to be here and to have
  • Manifest your dreams
  • Feel more confident and in tune with your body
  • Deepen your connection with nature

Your resources:

How much time you place on the root chakra and how often you listen to the meditations is up to you. Tune into your own innate wisdom, you will know. As life is so busy and therefore ungrounding, this chakra is one I come back to often especially when feeling out of balance or off kilter. The more work you do like this, the more you will know what you need and when you need it

​Thank you and I hope you enjoy learning about Muladharra