What questions do you ask?

Have you ever noticed that when you’re in a negative mindset, then everything seems negative? I’m sure you’ve had one of those days, when nothing seemed to go right, no matter how hard you tried it was just one stressful situation on top of another. Most probably your internal dialogue was pretty harsh and you might have asked yourself questions like
Why isn’t this working?
Why is this failing again?
Why can’t I make this work?
Why me?
What’s wrong with these people / me that we can’t figure this out.
However, when you know what questions to ask then you can get to the productive, valuable, solution based answers. They take you from disempowering answers to empowering ones.
When you change your questions, you change your perspective
So it goes from: why can’t I do this
How can I make this work?
See the difference? One is destructive the other constructive.
Below I share with you some morning empowering questions. You can work through them all or answer a few, whichever you prefer. It’s best to write down the answers and dedicate 5 minutes or so to the task.
They are designed to help you to get clear on what it is that you want from your day and what’s most important, and in so doing you bring intention and purpose to your day
Morning power questions:
  • What challenges or obstacles might I encounter today and how do I wish to meet them and work with them?
  • Who do I choose to be today?
  • What am I most grateful for in my life (name one or two things)
  • What brings out the best in me?
  • What impact would I like to have on the world today?
  • What a I doing now that’s working?
Thanks for reading!