Reflections at Bealtaine

Bealtaine, the time of adolescent growth, where what was planted in the spring was given sustenance to grow. Where, just as plants, our souls are enriched with Light so that we may reach skyward toward heaven.

Bealtaine or Beltane is a Celtic festival that celebrates the first signs of Summer. It is a fire festival and the tradition was that a great bonfire was lit on the hill of Uisneach after which neighbouring farms lit their fires in a spiral outwards around the central fire. This tradition has been kept alive by the guardians of Uisneach and this weekend for those fortunate to have tickets the fire will once again be lit, keeping the customs of our ancestors alive. (Photos from Uisneach May 2017)

At this time we are invited to literally and figuratively discard the coats of winter and spring to bask in the light of the Sun. What have you been working on in winter that you are now ready to shed? What’s become outdated and needs to be released? Are soul prompts that you can work with at this time.

It is a festival of love, matchmaking, handfasting and general merriment. Much dancing was done (think of the Maypole), after all the hardship of winter is now complete, we can look forward to more light and the harvest at Lughnasa! It is time to party!!

Have you seen the activity of nature lately? The birds are singing, the bees are buzzing and things are really growing. So for us this is a time to act & a time to focus. But be warned! Do not get overexcited and start too many things because while your energy might be high at Bealtaine, you also need to be mindful that you don’t burn out!

Focus your energy on one or two seeds of intention that you would like to plant in the fertile soil of Bealtaine. To help you, here are some soul prompts:

  • What do I want to invest my time and energy in?
  • Where in my life is fertile and ready for seeds to be sown? I.e. where is ready for movement & growth

Then perform a very simple ceremony:

  1. Write your intention on a piece of paper
  2. Hold it in your hands and ask that the energy of Bealtaine infuse the words and the paper, or leave it in the sunlight to be charged by the light
  3. Then plant your intention by putting it in the soil or under a potted plant – anything that is growing.
  4. Tune in with it weekly or every fortnight to see if it needs any watering or feeding, just like you would a normal seed and most of all TRUST that though it might take some time, it will grow and blossom into your life soon!