The 5 benefits of creating an intention

First lets start with what exactly is an intention?

An intention is a motivating force and the starting point of fulfilling your needs and dreams. Being spontaneous and allowing destiny to happen to you is great sometimes but by setting an intention, you are activating your receptiveness and the manifestation of what you want to attract.

That’s a big sentence that basically boils down to – if you want to co-create and participate in your life then work with intentions!

Isn’t that a goal? No, let me explain the difference

An intention is

a clear and positive statement of an outcome that you want to experience.
a vision that guides your activities, thoughts, attitudes and choices.
Hence your intentions influence your actual daily experiences.

A goal is

an end result that you’re looking to achieve.
An intention is the state you want to cultivate rather than the end result.

For eg:
Goal – I want to attract 10 clients into my life by April
Intention – I am open to all and every opportunity that comes my way in all areas of my life. I trust, I believe, I receive

Goal – I want to loose 2kg in 5 weeks
Intention – every day I tend and care for my body, I nourish it with wholesome food and I appreciate it for all it does.

Once you select your intention write it down, repeat it daily for at least 28 days and even more important – you live it!

The benefits: You will…..

1) take inspired action that’s in true alignment with your words and your truth.

2) quickly manifest what you desire because you’re clearly putting out words and actions that are in alignment with the things you want to attract into your life.

3) participate in your life rather than passively moving through it,

4) live a more meaningful life as you work to manifest your intentions

5) feel more empowered and happy as you are not waiting for something to happen in the future (goal) but focusing on cultivating your intention now.

Some examples that you might like to choose from:

I intend to be open to any and all opportunities that flow my way, and receive them with gratitude
I intend to enjoy my relationship with my partner, allowing it to unfold and deepen with elegance and ease.
I intend that unlimited resources flow into my life easily, abundantly and endlessly.
I intend to move into a flow of money – quickly, magically, easily and joyfully.
I intend to open my heart to love, self love, partner love and universal love.

I do hope you try this and please let me know how your intention shows up in your life – be open to some magic happening (especially in March)

Have a lovely week!