Corporate Mindfulness

Mindfulness sessions that incorporate simple tools and strategies to help your employees deal with change, anxiety and stress. 

Companies I Have Worked With

I have worked with a number of well-known companies to teach and implemented mindfulness programs for its employees, such as:

Why Does My Business Need Mindfulness?

“I found the mindfulness course really beneficial and I think I will experience real health benefits from having taken it.  It has taught me both how to, and the benefits of switching off from my busy life even if it is only 20 mins. I am sleeping better which is helping me deal with the stress of life and work. I would definitely take the course again if it were available” Recent corporate participant

As a business, people are your most precious asset. Unfortunately work related stress and burnout has become more and more prevalent in the workforce. Mindfulness provides a set of tools and strategies so that your employees can deal with work and life pressure, stress and busyness.

I offer a fun & meaningful way to introduce mindfulness to your workplace to improve staff morale and health, achieve corporate goals and ultimately improve overall productivity and profitability. The most effective way is a 6 week course which can be held over Zoom. Also, I can design programmes to suit your requirements from lunchtime classes, 1/2 day sessions to a full day workshop either complementing your conference or becoming the main focus of the team build. I can also design a theme working alongside your businesses values, culture & objectives.

Key Business Benefits

My Mindfulness program offers basic mindfulness practices that significantly influence success in professional settings. The corporate world can be a highly stressful environment. Multiple demands, diminishing resources and mounting workload all contribute to this. Scientific studies have proven that helping individuals cope with such stress allows them to be more energized and effective in the work place.

Some of the benefits to the workplace from practicing mindfulness have been proven to be:

  • Reduced stress (and so reduced absenteeism)
  • Improved job satisfaction
  • Increased performance & productivity
  • Better decision making & more clarity
  • Greater creativity
  • Increased resilience
  • Improved problem solving
  • Improved interpersonal relationships

mindfulness in the workplace

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