Start anew in 2022!

Intentions & reflections at New Years

Connect & align with the cycles and rhythms of nature that deepen your understanding of yourself.

Lean into the support, respect and non-judgement of a sacred group

Ignite your internal guidance system to navigate this different world as it unfolds in new and unknown ways.

How can I begin anything new with all of yesterday in me

Leonard Cohen

This workshop is for anyone who wants to dedicate some time to reflect on the past year, to let go of what needs to be released and to meet 2022 with heart-full intention.

2021 might have brought you joy and love, it might have brought you struggle, pain and stress or perhaps you had a mixed pot. No matter what your experience was, it is worthwhile now to pause, reflect and spend some time letting go of the last year to welcome in 2022, to leave all that’s happened in the past and take only what you want into this new beginning.

why years resolutions don't work

Recently you might have been thinking about what New Years Resolutions you might set.

You might be thinking that you’re going to go to the gym more or start a course. I know that was a common one for me, for years I would set the same new years resolutions and every year I thought this would be the year that I would have a body like Elle McPherson , the intellect of a college Professor, I would become an international speaker oh and complete an ironman.

And then each year I’d have given up by February, the said goals would be hidden at the back of a drawer by March and I would spend the rest of the year avoiding the drawer lamenting about my failed attempts. I was stuck in a cycle of going nowhere and feeling quite fed up with myself in the process. Yet, I would do the exact same thing the following Jan. This year will be different….until one year I tried something different.

Now I’ve got something for you that works SO much better than New Year’s Resolutions. Every Jan I set one or two intentions instead.

An intention is something you want to cultivate and it’s not dependent on a set of goals, it’s simpler it’s easier, it’s inspiring and it’s much more likely to sustain you through winter into spring and beyond.

What’s the difference between a goal and an intention I hear you say? Well let’s say you’re going to go to the gym 5 times a week.. and you’re going to lose a stone by February. That’s a set of goals. An intention would be “I’m going to look after my body”. And that can be done in many different ways, drinking more water, eating healthier, going for walks…you see how much easier it is? Suddenly theres a whole list of ways for you to accomplish your intention, that brings variety and fun rather than getting bored doing the same trip to the gym with the same workout. Plus with an intention you’re not so focused on the outcome but more present to the feeling in the here and now. 

The workshop

I have created an online morning workshop incorporating guided meditation, reflective questions, and life coaching to help you with all of this. It also outlines how to set intentions and how to keep them so you have a comprehensive morning that will leave you filled with intention and excitement for what will unfold in 2022!

Live Session

Saturday 22nd January 10am - 12pm

We will connect via zoom to reflect, meditate and create space so that you can listen to what your mind, body and heart want for 2022


Healing meditations

Be guided through two healing meditations, and mindfulness practices to get you out of your head and into the wisdom of your heart and soul


Soul prompts

Have time and space to work through specific questions that will help you to take the nuggets of gold from 2021 and leave the rest behind.



Have access to the recording for 1 week after the event in case you miss it or you want to delve back into the teachings. 

Ellen Shilling

I have read, studied and practiced wellness for the past 15 years. During that time I have trained with some of the leading experts, gone on retreats all over the world and held some of my own.

I am passionate about anything that helps me to live an easier life! I have studied Life Coaching, Shamanism, Kinesiology, Meditation, Mindfulness, the Celtic Calendar, EFT, TAT and many more! 

I can honestly say that all of them has changed my life! I know that can sound very OTT at times and it wasn’t this sudden flash of light that came down and I was enlightened. Sitting lotus position, emanating love (wouldn’t that be wonderful!) No, it was over time and with patience and commitment I found that old behaviours that didn’t serve me well melted away, negative beliefs no longer held me captive and I wasn’t a victim of my emotions. 

Finally I could breathe and access a peace within I had never felt before and has stayed with me since.


Date: Sat 22nd January

Time: 10am to 12:15pm

Location: Online via Zoom

Investment: €55. 

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