Mindfulness for wellbeing

How to be happier without changing a thing

Psychologists talk about your happiness set point. Is it described as a level of happiness that
you operate at and when good stuff happens (like you win the lotto), your happiness
increases (naturally) but over time you return to this set point. Likewise when bad stuff
happens (like you lose your job), your happiness is adversely affected but over time you will
eventually reset to this base line. The higher that your base line is the more you are able to
adapt and cope with both the good stuff and the bad stuff in life.

Mindfulness can help you to be 40% happier without changing one thing in your life! No shopping, no fancy car, no holiday, no achievement in work, nothing needs to change and you can start feeling happier straight away! 

How? Well I share how to do this in the PDF below. It’s so simple and easy and it can be implemented straight away!

I hope you enjoy and when you start to feel those happiness levels increasing please let me know! I’d love to hear from you! 


To experience the most benefit I would recommend listening to the meditation every day for 30 days. It has been proven that this will change your brain chemistry and  you will see all the benefits of mindfulness (and lots more before then). 


Regular: Original resources delivered once a week to the online library

Short: Each resource is less than 10 minutes long, making it accessible and do-able.

Supported: Once a month webinars to track your progress and connect with fellow members

Bonuses: Extra zoom calls, morning meditations and check-ins along the way