Mindfulness masterclasses

A 4 week course that will re-connect you with your mindfulness practice and refresh you on some of the main teachings. 

Improve your sleep - both quality and quantity & restore energy levels.

Learn tools & techniques that will reduce your stress and anxiety levels

Become more patient, content and compassionate (while still being motivated to achieve your goals)

Learn how to live in the moment and participate in your life

what will this course do for me?

People turn to meditation because they want to make good decisions, break bad habits & bounce back better from disappointments.

This course is for you if you’ve attended an 8 week course in Mindfulness or similar and wish to refresh yourself on the main themes, remember & experience all the benefits and re-establish your practice with a like minded community of individuals in the comfort of your own armchair or beanbag.

Over the course of 4 weeks we will explore some of the main themes of Mindfulness such as:

  • The basics, Monkey Mind (and how to “control” it)
  • Coming home to the body, letting go of the past and the future to live in the here and now.
  • Compassion and how to transform our inner world
  • Acceptance and how it can be used to transform a situation and get to the resolution faster
  • Dealing and letting go of emotions such as worry, guilt, anxiety and stress

Each session will be recorded and uploaded into your own personal online library. Mindfulness meditation audios will also be available each week for use at home as well as comprehensive notes on each topic again all will be available in the one place, your online library.

session 1: Coming home to the body

Do you find that at the end of the day you can’t recall everything that happened that day?

Or you drove from A to B and don’t remember the journey?

Our minds can get so caught up in the future or in the past and sometimes both at once! An untrained mind will tend towards rumination (negative thinking about the past) and a fearful mind will create imagined scenarios about the future. This in turn causes emotions like anger, stress, anxiety and worry. When we’re in those states our perception is limited, we are reactive and we make decisions from a place of anger or fear which may have negative consequences.

Coming to the present moment with mindfulness teaches us how to harmonise mind, body and breath which brings more peace, clarity, compassion and courage into our daily lives and every day moments. When we do we make better decisions, our thoughts aren’t affected by our anxiety, anger or stress, our minds are clear and our perspective broadens.

During this session we will work with mindfulness to harmonise mind, body and breath with the intention of coming home to our body, taking care of it and making peace with it.  

I was looking for a way to help me not to worry as much. I felt if I could learn to relax more it would help me and I hoped through the learning of how to meditate I could do this. I think the zoom worked well. Being at home probably made me join the course quicker as less hassle and less stress . The Dropbox worked well for me and easy to follow and find the saved item. I went in looking for help with worry/stress but realised I benefited from other areas like listening , acceptance , less judgmental which has actually help me not to worry and stress as much. The PNB is also something which I daily use and I think can often change an argument I would previously had into a laugh and giggle. Often just saying the word Breathe out loud rather than reacting has made a huge change for me. I will definitely do a course again as I think the idea of meeting up weekly makes you continue with the practices and I think will help learn more about mindfulness which I wish I had done in my 20’s.

Session 2: alleviating suffering

“The thing about meditation is: You become more and more you.”
– David Lynch

Mindfulness (or meditation) is not about making yourself into a Buddha, or a guru. Mindfulness isn’t about becoming more saintly or turning into someone you’re not. It’s about shedding the years of conditioning, beliefs, behaviours and patterns that cause you suffering. It’s about letting go of old emotions that are affecting how you live in the moment and the life that you have created in the here and now.

In this session we will explore the causes of suffering, what it is exactly, how it shows up in our lives and what we can do to alleviate it.  When we take responsibility (without judgement) for our own suffering and how we contribute to it we become empowered to lessen its affects so that we can live a happier, more fulfilling and compassionate life. 

Session 3: acceptance and allowing

Acceptance isn’t to deny the pain of an experience or situation, its to acknowledge its’ presence but not to get stuck in the story, because that is suffering. 

When you stub your toe it’s painful, acceptance (or allowing) isn’t to deny the pain but it is also NOT to get caught up in the story as that’s just leads you down a path lined with shame, regret and negative internal dialogue. 

Let me give you an example:

I just stubbed my toe and it’s painful (acceptance) what can I do to alleviate the pain? (action needed) v’s

I just stubbed my toe, it’s painful and I can’t believe I was so silly. It’s just like me to do something like this, sure didn’t I do it the other day at work when I…….. (acceptance plus story = suffering) 

During this session we will explore how you can use acceptance in your every day life to drop the negative dialogue, do what needs to be done and let the past go.

The past is only a problem if you live there.

Session 4: The rain of letting go

Did you know that the average life span of an emotion is 90 seconds?

Sometimes it feels like longer doesn’t it! We can hold onto them for days, months and even years festering away within us, negatively influencing our health and wellbeing.

Drawing on the work of Michele Mc Donald and Tara Brach in this session we will explore how the RAIN  meditation helps us to understand emotions like anxiety, stress, worry and fear so that we can tune into the message within them and then let them go. 

This meditation allows us to deepen our understanding of ourselves, how we operate and it cultivates a happiness and a peace from the inside out. When we do this, we emanate and spread these good feelings, everyone in our lives benefits.

Remember the last time you felt good about yourself? Didn’t you want to do something nice for someone else? Perhaps you smiled at a shopkeeper, or let someone out in traffic. Maybe you rang someone just to see how they were or you were spontaneous. When we feel good we emanate it. 

Your facilitator

I am a qualified Biochemist from Trinity College, Dublin and over the past 15 years I have read, studied and practiced mindfulness. I have trained with some of the leading experts, gone on retreats all over the world and held some of my own. I have also worked teaching 8 week mindfulness courses in the community, in companies and as a 1:1.

I am passionate about mindfulness as I can honestly say that it has changed my life! I know that can sound very OTT at times and it wasn’t this sudden flash of light that came down and I was enlightened, sitting lotus position, emanating love (wouldn’t that be wonderful!) No, it was over time and with patience and commitment I found that old behaviours that didn’t serve me well melted away, negative beliefs no longer held me captive and I wasn’t a victim of my emotions (finally!)

The changes were incremental and yet they were very obvious once I became aware of them. I actually began to feel more comfortable within myself which I never thought possible having suffered with depression for most of my life. With that everything changed for the better.


What if I miss a week?

All the classes are recorded and uploaded to the online library each week which you will have access to during the course and for one week after.

Is anything asked of me, that is, will I have to speak or contribute?

I do ask for a short check in at the beginning of every class. This is optional each week so if you’d prefer not to speak or be on camera that is absolutely fine with me. The check in is literally to see how you got on with the weeks recommendations and how I can help you with your mindfulness experience.

What if I have a question but I don’t want to ask it via Zoom?

I encourage all participants to contact me via email or phone during the course with any mindfulness questions and queries, I’m always more than happy to help.

How long will I have access to my online library?

You will have access to the online library for the duration of the course and for one week after. If you wish to continue accessing the content in the library you can do so for a monthly fee of €4.99

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It was excellent, Ellen is such lovely person, the attention she gives is by far the best I have ever experienced. Having everything at hand through dropbox all downloadable is super. The zoom calls were excellent. It was such a life changing way of looking at things form a personal level and to give you those skills of taking time out for yourself and to be kinder to yourself and others. Personally I learnt a lot about myself, which has helped my dealing with certain aspects of life that effected it and how learnt how to accept them and move forward with skills Ellen has taught me. A big thank you Ellen. Truly one nicest people out there. Would recommend her to anyone looking at mindfulness.

You will receive:

Your own personal online Mindfulness library which will hold all the information shared in the sessions in one place for easy access

Audio meditations uploaded weekly for you to use anytime at home

Video recordings of all classes so that you can catchup or refresh the content anytime.

Weekly comprehensive notes on each topic from the basics to dealing with anxiety & overwhelm

Plus this Bonus

When you sign up for this course you will also have access to the "7 Days of Mindfulness"

The 7 days of Mindfulness programme is a very easy way to practice mindfulness. It was designed for busy people as a way to experience all the benefits of Mindfulness without lengthy practices. There are 7 different topics with 7 different mindfulness practices that are just 7 minutes long, making mindfulness easy, practical and do-able. Suitable for all levels – newbies and experienced meditators alike. Mindfulness intertwined with teaching stories, practical hints and tips for living in the present moment and feeling happier without buying a thing! Value €49

Practising mindfulness made me realise that there is a level of calmness which most of us never get to experience in our daily lives because we don’t know how to gain access to.

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Time: 8 to 9:15pm online via Zoom
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