Mindfulness for wellbeing

How to deal with overwhelm

In this goody bag you will learn how a simple way in which to deal with overwhelm. 

When we are overwhelmed, we procrastinate, get stressed and we are not at our best.

Confidence is affected as if our ability to follow through on timelines, tasks and projects as we keep putting things on the long finger. Procrastinating. 

However, when we take a little time to practice mindfulness and work with intentions it helps us to become very clear about what it is that we want to accomplish, what’s most important and in doing so we become more relaxed, more effective in a way that is less stressful, more productive and confidence building.

In this goody bag, you are receiving: 

  • A mindfulness meditation that will help you to relax and get grounded. In it I will also guide you to set a easy intention that will help you navigate your day
  • Constructive questions to ask yourself every morning (see “Intention Tip Sheet” below)
  • A PDF explanation of intentions and some examples


In the video I will cover: 

  • What are intentions
  • How to work with them
  • So that you can find focus and clarity
I hope you enjoy, 
To experience the most benefit I would recommend listening to the meditation regularly.  It has been proven that this will change your brain chemistry and  you will see all the benefits of mindfulness (and lots more before then).

Regular: Original resources delivered once a week to the online library

Short: Each resource is less than 10 minutes long, making it accessible and do-able.

Supported: Once a month webinars to track your progress and connect with fellow members

Bonuses: Extra zoom calls, morning meditations and check-ins along the way