On The Edge

I’m literally sitting on the edge……..

I find myself this morning on the edge – emotionally and literally (sitting on the side of the chair!) With the tighter restrictions placed on us by the government it’s stirred in me a number of emotions.

Anger, anxiety, worry for my mother, entrapment and a few more…….Now don’t get me wrong I’m not giving out. This is, in my mind, 100% the right thing to do and the new measures will keep people alive. I fully support it.

At the same time it’s provoked a reaction and it’s interesting what we do, how we react.

I’ve seen lots of messages from friends all trying to figure out exactly how far 2km is and is it a 2km radius or as the crow flies, or whats the definition of brief? (I’ve alot of triathlon friends used to doing 2hr runs, so to them 1hr is “brief”!)

I’ve seen others telling the above people to stop worrying and learn a language. I’ve seen some people laugh and embrace it all.

For me, well I got angry…..at the reactions of others, worry about their fitness levels, the abuse been hurled at the Taoiseach and Simon Harris online when to me the are doing and epic epic job.

A range of reactions but we’re all human, we all feel it in some form on different days.

What’s important I feel for me anyway is to remember that we’re not alone. Every single person on this earth is affected by this, some more than others. We are united in that and now more than ever we need to remember, to work together and to come together.

So this anger I felt has spurned me on to write this Blog post as in the midst of this chaos, in the middle of the storm, when it’s so easy to feel anxious, overwhelmed and fearful we need to find a place of calm & peace so that we can show up as our best selves.