New Moon Reiki Shares

A Reiki Share is an afternoon of Reiki healing, meditation, reflection and connection with people of all lineages and levels.

I left feeling like I had been put back together after a few very stressful weeks. I felt very relaxed and tired and enjoyed a great nights sleep” Marian

A Reiki Share at a New moon is an opportunity to also connect with the guidance of Grandmother moon, set intentions and meet a group of like minded souls while you take time out for self care.

During the afternoon you will:
  • Get to set your new moon intentions and have them charged with the group energy
  • Receive a Reju – a Reiki boost that will open and deepen your connection to energy
  • Be guided through a healing meditation to release and let go of all that you no longer need
  • Exchange Reiki with your fellow tribe members – you with both get to practice and to receive Reiki
  • Connect with like minded people.

Suitable for all levels and all lineages. A total of 9 places are available.

Next event Sunday 25th June @ 2:30pm – 5:30pm Blackrock Village, Dublin. Limited places available

You can also sign up here for the following

July Reiki Share: Sunday 23rd July 2:30 -5:30pm

August Reiki Share: Sunday 27th August 2:30 – 5:30pm

You can book your place for the Reiki Share (€30), the next two (€55) or the next three (€75), all taking place in Blackrock Village, Co Dublin, A94 K6Y5