Celtic Wisdom: The Summer Solstice

Align with the wisdom of the Celtic wheel

Connect & align with the cycles and rhythms of nature that deepen your understanding of yourself.

Lean into the support, respect and non-judgement of a sacred group

Ignite your internal guidance system to navigate this different world as it unfolds in new and unknown ways.

The Summer Solstice happens on the 21st of June. The Northern hemisphere is bathed in light and energy making it the day with the most light and least darkness.

You might have already noticed  that nature is in full bloom: the flowers are open, the bees are busy, the trees are full and Mother Earth is full of life and potentiality.

People are also busy, getting out in the evenings, swimming in the sea, having picnics, etc.

The summer solstice is a time of energy, growth, a time for celebration, gratitude and a ripe time to start new things, create new goals/ dreams and visions for your heartfelt desires.

As the earth is bathed in light, it is an opportunity for us to acknowledge where we would like to bring more light into or even lighten up within. This alignment, timing and energy also creates an ideal opening in which to look at the gifts, talents and opportunities that we find easy to embody and a time to cultivate those that are latent.

But the Summer solstice is not only about abundance, light and celebration, it is also a time of transition. Not only are we marking the peak of potential, we are also turning towards the second half of the year. As we pass through the solstice, slowly the days will get shorter and we will gently move into the darkness of winter. So it is also a time to reflect on what you would like to cultivate for the next 6 months, what would you like to have in your life by the end of the year? Love, relationship, money, new job, more clients?

This is an especially poignant time to put out your intentions as they are much more likely to manifest when they’re supported by the energy at this time. If you’re not sure what you want then don’t worry the meditations that have been created for this event will help you to find out.

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Live onlin Session

wednesday 23rd June at 7:30pm

Learn about the Celtic calendar and how the Summer Solstice shows up in your life, where you might get stuck and what you can do to get into flow again.


Healing meditations

Be guided through two healing meditations, that will connect you to the abundance of energy that is all around us at this time. 


Soul prompts

Create time and space to pause and reflect on the messages of the Summer solstice. Through specifically chosen soul prompts you will have the opportunity to align and harness the energy at this special time. 

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Have access to the recording for 1 week after the event in case you miss it or you want to delve back into the teachings. 

Ellen Shilling

I have read, studied and practiced wellness for the past 15 years. During that time I have trained with some of the leading experts, gone on retreats all over the world and held some of my own.

I am passionate about anything that helps me to live an easier life! I have studied Life Coaching, Shamanism, Kinesiology, Meditation, Mindfulness, the Celtic Calendar, EFT, TAT and many more! 

I can honestly say that all of them has changed my life! I know that can sound very OTT at times and it wasn’t this sudden flash of light that came down and I was enlightened. Sitting lotus position, emanating love (wouldn’t that be wonderful!) No, it was over time and with patience and commitment I found that old behaviours that didn’t serve me well melted away, negative beliefs no longer held me captive and I wasn’t a victim of my emotions. 

Finally I could breathe and access a peace within I had never felt before and has stayed with me since.


Date: Wednesday 21st June 7:30pm to 8:30/9pm 

Venue: Online via Zoom

Price: €25 paid via paypal or stripe

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