What is Spirituality?

Well I like to explain it a bit like this…..Imagine you have a diamond in the centre of your chest.

It sits in the centre of your heart space and it shines so brightly when you are born. Full of potential, full of joy, wonder, curiosity, love, compassion, forgiveness, full of life. We see it in newborn babies now, we can’t get enough of them, children have it too, they live in this joy and love…


Conditioning sets in, we go to school, we learn about “negative emotions” such as fear, anger, jealousy, we get chastised, we learn “good v’s evil” we begin to see the world in a different way. And each time we feel something that isn’t love, a piece of coal covers the surface of this beautiful diamond, it dulls it’s sparkle a little.

Over the years we add more and more pieces of coal to this diamond and slowly, imperceptibly perhaps, our light shines a little less and we experience more feelings of gloom, depression, dis-satisfaction, frustration, anger and our self esteem suffers, we feel fear and let it make our decisions, and our light shines even less.


One day (or over a period of time) we decide that we want to do something about all this coal. We don’t want it weighing us down any more, we want to feel the lightness again. We want to feel more peace, joy, happiness, contentment, love etc and there’s a part of us that knows that we’ve felt it before but it feels like such a long time ago.

So we start a quest and we start looking at what changes we can make in our lives. We start looking at what we want. We move jobs, we change relationships we might even move countries.

But we find that it’s the same head on the same shoulders. The same problems creep in, the same situations appear.


We meet someone who talks to us about the “spiritual path” “What on earths name?”  You wonder “I’m not religious”, and your guide tells you that spirituality for most people has nothing to do with religion (unless you want it to). So you wonder what it is exactly and your guide tells you how the spiritual path is about allowing your diamond to shine. Something inside you is sparked. “Say what now?!” Your guide continues to tell you that this path is about removing the pieces of coal from your heart (your diamond), forgiving yourself, letting go of suffering, allowing love in.

They say to you that this path is the ultimate path to everything you ever wanted and it’s not attained by changing things in your external environment first then hoping that the internal environment will also change. They tell you its the other way around – by first removing the coal, letting go and opening up your heart, then the external environment will change accordingly, it has to. This is the only way to lasting peace and happiness.

Whatever removes the hurts, traumas, blocked emotions ie pieces of coal for you is what is for you. Your spiritual path is about finding those things that open you up on that level.

The Soul Seekers membership is about helping you to discover what works for you and how you can allow that light to shine, that’s why.