Manifesting at the summer solstice

The summer solstice takes place every year on the 21st of June. Solstice translates as “sun standing still” and so there is a pause in the rotation of the planets before we begin the journey to winter solstice.

This is time of an abundance of light, a fire festival, and a phase when nature is at its most creative.

What does this mean for us? How does it translate into our every day lives? Well the combination of all of these means that the summer solstice is a great time to reflect on your goals, visions and dreams for the second part of the year. Now, of course we can do this any time, but it’s especially poignant to do this now. Basically it’s a great time to create a vision board!

Normally I don’t push people to do things. I prefer to “invite” as its softer but if ever I were to break this rule then now is it – I really really really encourage you to take the time out to do this.

What you will need:

  1. Time – Dedicate anything from 30 minutes to 1 hour for this
  2. A quiet space
  3. Pen (or markers) & paper – you can use an A4 page or a cork board if you want something a little bigger. If you prefer a digital medium you can use Canva which is a very easy to use online website that I use all the time to create images


  1. Quiet your mind. – When we sit down to create a dream or vision board we often we create from a place of limitation and the conscious mind – this isn’t always the best place, as it’s full of what we feel we “should” want, rather than what our heart felt desire is. Meditating with the intention of letting go of this part of you so that you can create space to allow your heart to speak will create a good foundation from which to start. You can use any one of my meditations on Insight Timer or in the mindfulness online library if you wish or any of the usual ones you use.
  2. You can use this wheel from life coaching to help you to consider all areas of  your life.
  3. Ask yourself over the course of the next 6 months:

If I were to allow myself to dream BIG, what would I love to invite into my life?

If I removed all limitations what are my greatest desires?



  • A picture paints a thousand words – so draw your dreams, or print a picture that represents them and place them on your board
  • Be open – see what comes up as you draw.
  • Have fun with this – it doesn’t have to be serious and it doesn’t have to be concrete.
  • You can change your mind! If after a few days you want to add something in or take something out – change it.
  • Get together with friends and do this. Share your visions with your mates so that they too can hold that vision for you.


  • Worry about being “materialistic” If you want a Ferrari by all means draw a picture of one. If you want a sum of money well put it down, it’s all good! 🙂
  • Rush it – take your time, doodle, see what comes up!

After you’ve created your board, you can take a photo of it and use it as your screen saver on your pc or phone, have it somewhere you will see often and every time you look at it feel into the energy of it. Imagine that all those things have already appeared in your life!

Oh and do let me know how you get on, I’d love to hear how your dreams show up for you,


P.s. please pass this onto friends, family or anyone you feel might like to manifest at this time.