Mindfulness for living

An 8 week in person course that will help you to make good decisions, break bad habits & bounce back better from disappointments

Learn how to deal with stress and anxiety, manage negative thinking

Tune into and cultivate strength, patience, acceptance and compassion

Sleep better & restore energy levels.

Learn how to live in the moment and participate in your life

Starting Tuesday 27th September 7:30pm

“Life is better when we don’t try to do everything. Learn to enjoy the slice of life you experience, and life turns out to be wonderful.”

– Leo Babauta

what will this mindfulness course do for you?

Maybe you’ve heard a lot about mindfulness, you know it can help you live a happier life, but there’s so much information out there it’s overwhelming and hard to know where to start.

Well I hear you and I totally agree, so I have taken my 16 years of teaching and created this course based on everything I’ve been taught, read and experienced to create this course that will help you in every part of your life. It’s my; “Everything I’ve ever learnt about mindfulness that WORKS” course!

It’s built upon feedback I have been received on the best mindfulness teachings and practices for the most impact in your life. It’s short, comprehensive and do-able (some of the meditations will be just 10 minutes long) making it easy to fit into your day and reap the rewards. 

Plus all of the information (class recordings, notes and mindfulness audio practices) will be uploaded into an online library so that you can access all of the information in one place.

It’s for you if you:

  • want to feel calmer, happier and more peaceful
  • have stressful situations going on at home or in work that you want to navigate stress free (or stress limited anyway!) 
  • would like to feel happier, more content and in control.

and you no longer want to:

  • loose the plot,
  • snap at loved ones (and feel guilty after) 
  • experience the all too familiar knot of anxiety and stress affecting everything that you do!
  • toss and turn at night worrying about all of the scenarios that might or might not happen.

but you do want to

  • be present to your life and your nearest and dearest,
  • sleep soundly and wake up rested
  • learn how to deal with worry
  • have more patience and compassion.
  • feel more loving, towards yourself and your loved ones

You will receive

Your own personal online Mindfulness library which will hold all the mindfulness meditations from each week (approx 10 in total )

Weekly comprehensive notes on each topic from the basics fundamentals of mindfulness to more in depth teachings like dealing with anxiety, finding inner freedom and cultivating a kinder relationship with yourself. 

A space to meet like minded people with plenty of space to explore the principles and teachings of mindfulness

Support: between classes if you have any questions or queries you can contact me anytime.

The course

Here is a brief overview of the 8 weeks. Each session will include 1 – 2 mindfulness practices, a Mindfulness topic and time for Q & A. The order of the week may change depending on the needs and flow of the group. 

Week 1: Creating the foundations

It’s so important to get the basics right, to have a solid footing and deep understanding of mindfulness. By doing this you’re setting yourself up to start enjoying the benefits straight away. 

For this first week we will take our time getting to know Mindfulness and the basic teachings such as:

  • History and principles
  • Mindfulness practice. How to, posture & when
  • Ways to effortlessly incorporate it into your life.


Week 2: Dealing with resistance

Sometimes it’s the hardest thing in the world to practice mindfulness, even though you know it’s good for you! 

Resistance shows up in all aspects of our lives. Every time we self-sabotage on healthy eating diets or don’t go for that walk when we know it will do us good. And sometimes it makes us shy away from anything that takes us out of your comfort zone. 

None of us are immune to resistance, what’s important is how you deal with it and this week I will show you the mindfulness approach and teaching on resistance and how to welcome it in your life and consequently not self-sabotage.

Week 3: mindful eating

How often do you eat without tasting your food? Sometimes consuming entire cakes or packets of crisps without tasting any of it? Do you find yourself reaching for food when you experience an emotion like sadness, anxiety or even joy?

We tend to eat mindlessly, using food to satisfy a feeling in us that may need another kind of nourishment. Mindfulness helps us to connect more to this body we have and the more we connect to it, the more awareness we have about how we are fuelling it.

Did you know that people who eat mindfully weigh 30% less than those who don’t? Not only do mindful eaters consume less, they also make healthier choices.

During this class we will also look at the Body Scan meditation, great for connecting with your body, healing from injuries and illnesses and getting a peaceful nights sleep. 

Week 4: befriending yourself

Otherwise known as self-compassion. Why is this so important in mindfulness?

Your relationship with yourself is the longest, most enduring relationship you will ever have. Long after lovers have been lost, family have passed away or friendships have ended, you will still be with yourself. Every hour of the day and night! So it might just be worthwhile to spend a little time investing in this relationship and cultivating a kinder, more loving and encouraging one.

Week 5: Dealing with emotions like anxiety & worry

This is always a popular subject and never more so than now.  Constant low levels of anxiety are ever present within lots of people I’m chatting to as we’re living through such a time of uncertainty and instability. 

Anxiety is a future based emotion that takes us out of the present moment. But when it’s ever present, how can we learn to deal with it? Well mindfulness has a way

Week 6: the rain of self compassion

Based on the work of Michele Neale and made popular by Tara Brach this meditation is an acronym that will help you with any situation or situations that  you are struggling with. Through the practice of RAIN you come to understand and resolve inner and outer conflict and so tune into an inner peace that comes from that place. 

WEEK 7: Acceptance & allowing

Acceptance isn’t to deny the pain of an experience or situation, its to acknowledge its’ presence but not to get stuck in the story, because that is suffering.

When you stub your toe it’s painful, acceptance (or allowing) isn’t to deny the pain but it is also NOT to get caught up in the story as that’s just leads you down a path lined with shame, regret and negative internal dialogue.

Let me give you an example:

I just stubbed my toe and it’s painful (acceptance) what can I do to alleviate the pain? (action needed) v’s

I just stubbed my toe, it’s painful and I can’t believe I was so silly. It’s just like me to do something like this, sure didn’t I do it the other day at work when I…….. (acceptance plus story = suffering)

During this session we will explore how you can use acceptance in your every day life to drop the negative dialogue, do what needs to be done and let the past go.

Week 8 Review and celebrate!

You made it! By this stage you will have a regular mindfulness practice that will bring about its own wonderful and unique changes in your life. You may find that you’re dealing with work better, sleeping more soundly, feeling happier, experiencing less anxiety or other benefits, but one thing is for sure – you will never regret trying mindfulness! 

What's expected of you


Simply nothing is being asked of you.

What you do with the content and how much you use it is totally up to you. I am here to support you as I want you to use it of course but not in a homework kind of way!

I was looking for a way to help me not to worry as much. I felt if I could learn to relax more it would help me and I hoped through the learning of how to meditate I could do this. I think the zoom worked well. Being at home probably made me join the course quicker as less hassle and less stress . The Dropbox worked well for me and easy to follow and find the saved item. I went in looking for help with worry/stress but realised I benefited from other areas like listening , acceptance , less judgmental which has actually help me not to worry and stress as much. The PNB is also something which I daily use and I think can often change an argument I would previously had into a laugh and giggle. Often just saying the word Breathe out loud rather than reacting has made a huge change for me. I will definitely do a course again as I think the idea of meeting up weekly makes you continue with the practices and I think will help learn more about mindfulness which I wish I had done in my 20’s.


Your facilitator

I am a qualified Biochemist from Trinity College, Dublin and over the past 15 years I have read, studied and practiced mindfulness. I have trained with some of the leading experts, gone on retreats all over the world and held some of my own. I have also worked teaching 8 week mindfulness courses in the community, in companies and as a 1:1.

I am passionate about mindfulness as I can honestly say that it has changed my life! I know that can sound very OTT at times and it wasn’t this sudden flash of light that came down and I was enlightened, sitting lotus position, emanating love (wouldn’t that be wonderful!) No, it was over time and with patience and commitment I found that old behaviours that didn’t serve me well melted away, negative beliefs no longer held me captive and I wasn’t a victim of my emotions (finally!)

The changes were incremental and yet they were very obvious once I became aware of them. I actually began to feel more comfortable within myself which I never thought possible having suffered with depression for most of my life. With that everything changed for the better.


What if I miss a week?

Life happens! It’s absolutely fine to miss a week, you will be sent the notes so that you can catch up in your own time. 

Is anything asked of me, that is, will I have to speak or contribute?

I do ask for a short check in at the beginning of every class. This is optional each week so if you’d prefer not to participate that is absolutely fine with me. The check in is literally to see how you got on with the weeks recommendations and how I can help you with your mindfulness experience.

What if I have a question but I don’t want to ask it in class?

I encourage all participants to contact me via email or phone anytime during the course with mindfulness related questions and queries, I’m always more than happy to help.

How long will I have access to my online library?

You will have access to the online library for the duration of the course and for one week after. If you wish to assess mindfulness meditations after this you can subscribe to my online library that contains over 34 mindfulness practices. 

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It was excellent, Ellen is such lovely person, the attention she gives is by far the best I have ever experienced. Having everything at hand through dropbox all downloadable is super. The zoom calls were excellent. It was such a life changing way of looking at things form a personal level and to give you those skills of taking time out for yourself and to be kinder to yourself and others. Personally I learnt a lot about myself, which has helped my dealing with certain aspects of life that effected it and how learnt how to accept them and move forward with skills Ellen has taught me. A big thank you Ellen. Truly one nicest people out there. Would recommend her to anyone looking at mindfulness.

enroll now!

Starting: Tuesday 27th September 

Classes at 7:30pm for 90 minutes

Location: Blackrock Village A94 K6Y5

Price: €255 per person.

Classes are limited in numbers.

Your place will be secured upon payment via PayPal or Stripe. You can pay for the course in full or a deposit now of €75 will the balance due one week before the course starts. 

Please email me if you wish to pay in instalments or if you have been recently made redundant.

Once you have enrolled I will be in touch to confirm your place and all the details that you will need 

Practising mindfulness made me realise that there is a level of calmness which most of us never get to experience in our daily lives because we don’t know how to gain access to.

Questions? Let Me Know!