Wisdom of the Celtic wheel: Lughnasa

Lughnasa is the festival that marks the beginning of the harvest and named after the Celtic god, Lugh who was a skilled Warrior and the God of Light.
At lughnasa our ancestors gathered to celebrate the manifestation and abundance of a new harvest. And so too we now are invited to do the same thing with a modern twist.
So we reflect on questions such as:
  • What’s turning up in your life right now?
  • What are you harvesting that you’ve been working on so diligently all year?
  • Can you see the fruits of your labour?
  • What are you grateful for?
  • How do you celebrate your life?
Lugh had many talents so it’s also a great time to explore new talents and gifts (and everyone has at least one!) Or to celebrate what you are good at. He is associated with Aine, the Sun goddess and together they ask us to reflect on the balance of our inner male and female.
On this evening you will experience:
– A guided meditation to embrace the spirit of Lughnasa
– have time to reflect on the themes of this significant date
– You will be bathed in Reiki healing for the evening, this will help you to refuel your energy, balance your chakras and heighten your vibration.
– A fire ceremony to release what no longer serves you and welcome in what you’re looking for 
– Connect with like minded people as we come together in community and laughter to celebrate this wonderful day.
Investment: €25 
When: Tuesday 3rd August
Time: 7 to 9pm
If you’re in the Soul Seekers gold membership, this is included. Click here if you’d like to find out more about soul seekers