Crown Chakra

The Crown – purpose! Please note: purpose is not “what career am I going to pursue?” purpose in this sense is beyond career and more along the lines of “what type of person do I want to be, what do I want my legacy to be, how would I like to be remembered” all very poignant and reflective questions that are worth sitting down with and contemplating. This chakra is also, as you can probably imagine, about our spirituality.

​Now, don’t worry, that’s not necessarily religious (although for some people it is). Spirituality is different for everyone, for me it’s a connection to nature, for other people it’s about helping people, and others it’s being a member of the community. What this looks like for you will be unique to you and it’s worth finding out.

In the Crown you will:

  • Connect to your purpose
  • Let go of attachments
  • Deepen your connection to source
  • Charge & heal every other chakra
  • Learn how to trust

How much time you place on your Crown and how often you listen to the meditations is up to you. Tune into your own innate wisdom, you will know. 

What you will get:

​​Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy learning about the Crown Chakra.