Third Eye Chakra

​The Third Eye chakra sounds very magical and mystical doesn’t it! It is the gateway to our intuition and our “psychic” side but of course that’s not necessarily true because the third eye is also about illusion. Oooohhh she’s going all David Copperfield on us! Ha but no, well maybe. Yes Magicians are the ultimate in illusion but on a daily basis we are surrounded by them all the time. What illusions do you subscribe to?

Probably more than you think. Let me give you some examples: The “Ill be happy when….” Illusion, the “skinny is happy” illusion, the “I must be married, with 2.4 children, have a fantastic home, career and s*x life” illusion (how exhausting is that!)

​We are fed these all the time in our culture. Reflecting and working with the third eye you will be invited to discard the illusions that no longer serve you and keep the ones that do.

In the third eye you will:

  • become aware of the illusions you are subscribed to
  • Challenge the ones that no longer fit
  • Exercise your innate wisdom muscles
  • learn how to focus on the best case scenario (great if you find yourself worrying alot)
  • And much more

​You will get: 

How much time you place on the third eye chakra and how often you listen to the meditations is up to you. This chakra is all about wisdom and letting go of illusions so tune into your own innate wisdom, you will know.

​Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy learning about the Third Eye