Heart Chakra

I think everyone knows about the Heart chakra! Awwwww, wow you feel such love, happiness, joy and connection when your heart is pulsating, open and breathing. When it’s not you can feel depressed, disconnected, lonely and isolated. Sometimes we’ve built up walls over years that we need to carefully peel back overtime and oh so gently.

​If this chakra is calling to you then I’d also suggest the root as well. This is because the heart has to feel safe to open, to reconnect (depending on the trauma).

In the heart you will:

  • heal your wounds
  • forgive: yourself and others
  • reclaim the right to love and be loved
  • heal relationships
  • allow love in, in all it’s many forms
  • ignite & expand the 3 fold flame

What you will get:

How much time you place on your heart and how often you listen to the meditations is up to you. Tune into your own innate wisdom, you will know. This is a really beautiful chakra to work with, after all it’s about love, awwwwww

I hope you enjoy learning about the Heart Chakra.