Solar Plexus

​The Solar plexus holds intrigue for me, it’s about power. You might think that power isn’t necessarily a good thing (this is true when it’s used for egocentric purposes and I’d agree with you) but there is another side to power. When used in balance with the other chakras you can use your power to create positive change in yourself and consequently in your life. You might have all the great ideas in the world but unless you have access to your power how are you going to create them? How are you going to have the motivation (power) to do what you need to do to manifest them?

​Yet we often give our power away and in the solar plexus you will learn ways to take your power back and how to use it to drive your dreams, hopes and passions.

In the Solar Plexus you will:

  • reclaim your power
  • learn what power means
  • release shame
  • rejoice in your individuality – no need to conform anymore!
  • meet your power animal!

Your resources

How much time you spend on your power and how often you listen to the meditations is up to you. Tune into your own innate wisdom, you will know.  Your inner power will guide you

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​​I hope you enjoy learning about the Heart Chakra.