Based on years of teaching workshops, I have created some online resources that you can use at home.


By connecting to your soul and your innate wisdom, you’ll find a joy that spills into every aspect of your life and all the people around you

Free! 21 days of Gratitude

It’s short, easy and for everyone! It begins once you sign up, so go ahead you have nothing to lose!

Mindful Wellbeing

An online mindfulness library full of meditations, audio explanations and written teachings all for just €4.99 a month. 

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7 days of mindfulness

A series of short online mindfulness training sessions for busy people. 7 mindfulness meditations all 7 minutes long with teaching stories, tips and hints for living a mindful life. 

Currently ON SALE for just €7.77

The Chakras

When your energy is balanced you feel happy, content, motivated, compassionate and grateful. When your energy is low you may feel tired, burnt out, exhausted, alone and weary. This becomes very obvious to you when you’re sick and have low energy. At this time you may have all the money in the world but if you don’t have your energy life is difficult.

Learn how to balance your energy with these online resources about the Chakras!